About Us

Globus Translations is a leading company offering professional translation services to business clients, commercial companies, service providers, governmental offices and private clients, based on our data base composed of hundreds of translators  across the world.

Globus Translations specializes in providing translations as well as other related services. Our vision is to offer an efficient infrastructure for global expansion of Israeli companies and organizations that choose to seek linguistic support in order to overcome language differences between them and their foreign customers and distributors, using technologically and methodically advanced methods and translation tools.

Globus Translations offers translation services in an extensive variety of languages and areas. Our company's uniqueness lies in our ability to perfectly match the content to the suitable translator.

We have skilled, professional translators for every area of expertise. All our translators have the know-how, experience and professional expertise required in order to making sure our clients receive an accurate, professional translated product.

The advantages of working with Globus Translations:
  • Matching the translator to the nature of the text
  • Professionalism in the quality of the translation (true to the original)
  • Adhering to required schedules 
  • Large variety of expertise areas and languages

Areas of expertise:
Business, financial, scientific, medical, legal, technical, academic, literary and more.

Hebrew, English, Russian, Arabic, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Dutch, Bulgarian, Turkish, Flemish, Greek, Portuguese, Romanian, Amharic, Serbian, Yiddish and more.

Variety of services:
Translation of documents, brochures, contracts, books, presentations, software and more
Consecutive interpreting (interpreting business meetings/court hearings)
Notary translations
Film translations, including subtitles
Technical writing

Vision of Globus Translations

Globus Translations strives to be the preferred translation company in Israel thanks to the quality of our translations and services. Globus Translations commits to maintaining the most extensive base of languages, whilst focusing on varied professional areas.

Globus Tranlsations is focused on its clients and their needs. We aspire to offer each client the sense that he is welcome and appreciated. Our company is committed to maintaining an attentive, caring, fare and continuous relationship with all our clients. Globus Translations will do anything we can to continue and persevere in offering the best service to our clients based on their needs, make sure that our clients are completely satisfied and that we have fulfilled all our obligations.

Globus Translations considers its translators as a main layer in its success. We pride ourselves in selecting leading translators in their field and attribute the utmost importance to the translators' professionalism, responsibility and ability to comply with schedules.

Globus Translations
sees itself as a global company and intends to promote and expand its worldwide layout, whilst remaining sensitive to the unique needs of local markets and complying with the highest standards in each one of our varied areas of activity.   

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