Legal Translations

Legal jargon is a language of its own. Not only is the terminology completely different – even the syntax and phraseology are unlike regular documents. Therefore, legal translation is a specific area of expertise which not every translator masters, not even every professional translator.

Globus Translations provides legal translation performed by suitable expert and skilled translators.

Since contracts are legally binding documents, each word in the translation has a decisive significance and the precise meaning of each word in the original must be conveyed in the most accurate manner, using parallel terms in the target language.

Globus Translations aims to create a perfect congruence between the translation and the translator.

Meaning, we match the contents intended for translation to the translator's expertise and experience.

Our team of legal translators is composed of either lawyers or translators with extensive proven experience and expertise in the legal field.

When asked to translate legal documents, we will first clarify what type of expertise is required: contract translation, real estate, tenders, criminal law, taxes and more.

We provide legal translations for various documents such as:

  • Translating contracts                     
  • Translating employment agreements  
  • Translating statements of claim and statements of defence
  • Translating legal articles
  • Translating documents for studies abroad
  • Translating wills and inheritance documents
  • Translating financial agreements
  • Translating powers of attorney
  • Translating patent documents
  • Translating shrink-wrap agreements
  • Translating marriage certificates, birth certificates etc.
  • Translating character references
  • Translating passports and permits
  • Translating immigration documents
  • Translating affidavits
  • Translating website for law firms
  • Translating "terms of use" for internet websites
  • Translating internet contracts
  • Translating verdicts
  • Translating copyright agreements
  • Translating engagement contracts between consumers and companies



If necessary we will gladly supply a notary translation. We recommend that you first make sure whether you need a notary translation or if the body you are approaching needs a certificate confirming the correctness of the translation from the translation company.

Instead of pondering with the question: do we have a budget for a quality translation?

Better ask: will we be able to bear the implications if we don’t?

Would you let someone who took a first aid course operate on you?

Is it worth risking a $200,000 contract by letting one of your apprentices translating it?

Being fluent in both languages is not enough for producing a quality translation. Most bilinguals have no translation skills. Therefore, we recommend that you call us at Globus Translations in order to make sure that the translation is done by a skilled, professional translator with extensive experience in legal translations. Note that many of our professional translators are also lawyers. 

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