Financial Translations

The framework of financial translations includes translating various documents such as quarterly and annual statements, balance sheets, prospectus, audits, public issue, pay slips, market surveys, feasibility studies, bank documents and certificates from various financial institutions, business plans, profit and loss statements and more.

Many large companies are expanding their activity to international markets and often choose to cooperate with foreign partners. This tendency, combined with the advancement in the market of international investments and globalization, has created a tremendous need for translating financial documents by expert translators.  

The financial translator needs to be proficient in the acceptable formats of various documents and reports, be familiar with procedures concerning such certificates and mainly, well acquainted with financial terminology both in the source language and target language, considering that each language includes an extensive lexicon of terms that are unique to that language and country.

The financial translator has to work with extremely important and highly sensitive documents and therefore, he has to be experienced and knowledgeable in relevant laws, regulations, procedures and accounting standards, in order to assure an accurate choice of professional terms.   

We at Globus Translations understand the importance of these documents and therefore, we make sure that our financial translations are only done by leading experts in the field, chosen through a meticulous screening process.

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