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Why Globus Translations?

  1. Professionalism: Globus Translation commits to the quality of the translations. We understand that you come to us for an uncompromising professional translation and therefore, our translators are carefully selected in order to make sure we can commit to the quality of the translation.
  2. Personally suited: Before accepting a translation project, we first thoroughly check the area of translation and confirm other details with the client. Is it a legal, medical, business, economic, financial or perhaps technical document? We then match the translation to a translator who specializes in that area in order to assure a proficient and accurate translation.
  3. Service and availability: We undertake to answer our clients 24/7 and are available to serve them even in cases of urgent translations.
  4. Confidentiality: With the growing competition in the business world, the need for confidentiality has increased. We undertake to maintain complete confidentiality of the files before, during and after the translation.
  5. Variety of languages: Globus Translations offers translations in an extensive variety of languages including: Hebrew, English, Russian, Arabic, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Dutch, Bulgarian, Turkish, Flemish, Greek, Portuguese, Romanian, Amharic, Serbian, Yiddish and more.

Importance of a professional translation

From our experience, translating documents has to be done by an experienced individual that deals with translations professionally. A professional translator can accurately translate the document and convey its meaning in a complete manner once translated. When dealing with extremely important documents, its best to approach a professional who is aware of the implications of an accurate translation and is sure to perform a translation that is true to the original. When submitting a document for translation to Globus Translations, you can rest assured that you will receive an accurate translation performed by a skilled translator.
Most people don’t appreciate how hard it is to professionally translate a document. Translation is a profession that requires many skills that not everyone claiming to be a translator does indeed posses. There are endless possibilities of how to translate a document and a professional translator knows how to choose the correct words and arrange a flowing sentence that sounds natural to readers.

A professional translator is more aware of the syntactic differences and precisions between languages and is also experienced in performing translations. Therefore, the result will be legible, flowing and most important – more understandable. Many people in the field consider being familiar with terminology one of the most valued attributes of a skilled translator and we definitely agree.

That’s why Globus Translations pairs each text intended for translation with the most suitable translator in terms of his know-how and area of expertise. This guarantees a professional and quality translation.

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